Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Kurdish National Movement: Its Origins And Developments

by Wadie Jwaideh

A seminal work in the field of Kurdish studies, Wadie Jwaideh’s study, published for the first time, presents a detailed analysis of the early phases of Kurdish nationalism and offers a framework in which to understand the movement's later development.

Following Wadie Jwaideh’s dissertation defense, his doctoral chairman took aside Jwaideh’s wife, Alice, and asked her to submit the work for publication without Wadie’s permission, believing that Wadie’s penchant for perfection would postpone its publication indefinitely. The thesis was never published during Jwaideh’s lifetime, but its fame spread by word of mouth, and many scholars have recognized its importance not only as a study of the earlier phases of Kurdish nationalism but also as a framework for understanding later developments. Now forty years later, the work continues to stand as a classic, referenced by some of the most renowned scholars in the field. Its publication will permit it to reach a greater audience and to contribute more fully to the understanding and appreciation of this geopolitical and cultural movement.


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