Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Invisible War in North Kurdistan

by Kristiina Koivunen

Born in June 9th 1959 in Finland, Dr. Kristiina Koivunen is one of the independent foreign scholars exploring the history of Kurdistan and depicted what they have experienced in all parts of Kurdistan particularly in the Kurdistan of Turkey.
Koivunen has written so far four books about the political conditions of the Kurdistan in the light of history: three in Finnish and one in English titled “The Invisible War in North Kurdistan” which is her PHD thesis besides several other books in the field of politics and sociology. She currently engages in writing one book more about the Kurdistan region of Iraq.
The Invisible War in North Kurdistan narrates the story of the deportation campaign in Kurdistan of Turkey against the Kurdish villagers during 1990s. As she said, nowadays the Kurdish movements are developing very quickly and the media channels can contribute to further developing those movements.

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