Thursday, April 2, 2009

A lion is a lion, whether a male or female.

Photos by Rob

A lion is a lion, whether a male or female. ( Kurdish Proverb).

Rob Leutheuser has been taking photographs for 35 years. He embarked on his first extended free-form overseas travel in South America and the Caribbean with camera in hand shortly after graduating from the University of Michigan. In the late-seventies, courtesy of the Peace Corps, Rob lived in the Central African Empire/Republic for 3 years. Upon returning to the States he began a successful professional career working in Western US water management. Overseas travels and photo adventures, though less extensive during this period, continued to feed the beast. At the turn of the millennium Rob concluded his civil service career and since has concentrated his energies on life, photography, and travel.

Rob website

Rob project on Kurdish Proverb

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